Unlike traditional dates, where you take your partner or girlfriend out to a friend’s party for example or a family diner, you cannot be accompanied by your escort Paris to such outings. You will definitely look for secret and discreet places to meet with her, since you will not want to introduce her to your entourage. Here are some of the safest and discreet places where you can meet and date your favourite escorts.


Hotels, especially luxury ones, are one of the must-go place to meet any kind of escort Paris girl in general. Whether you end up at the hotel’s bar, restaurant, or even take a room there, it is one of the hottest and trendiest places to meet them.

Since escorts are used to the high standard life, luxury and all the things that go with that, luxurious hotels are, therefore, a place they never miss to be seen at. It is, inevitably, an accurate place of meeting them and even get accosted by one. If she thinks you are worth it, she might consider you as a potential client.

When going out to hotels therefore, make sure you dress nicely and behave chivalrously. This might just earn you a ticket to one of the prestigious women of the escorting life present. You will enjoy the prestige of spending quality time, without being afraid of neither getting caught, nor recognised.

Upscale restaurants

We will never grow weary or tired of saying that escorts are used to the good life, and they love it. And one of the nicest and discreet place to meet and date them are upscale restaurants. If it is a spot you rarely visit, it is like that your spouse does not either. A private table at the restaurant’s finest private spots will allow you to enjoy your moment escort Paris without being seen.

As long as your credit card does not suffer the costs of reservation in a nice and posh restaurant, you are sure to catch the attention of one of the numerous escorts out there who visit these places to screen for their prospective clients.

You will be able to spend a pleasant time with a beautiful woman, around a good dish and an excellent bottle of wine, and why not, close a deal with her in the utmost discretion.


A casino is a dark and lively place, with groups of tourists and strangers coming to play and have fun. It will be easy for you to sink in the crowd. Have a drink, and play a little, you may have found your lucky charm! The casino provides a fun atmosphere for an anonymous first meeting. You will definitely have the chance to meet the most beautiful escorts from SexeModel out there.

All you need to do is get in the mood, play here and there, spend some quality money, and you will surely catch the eyes of one of them. Fun time guaranteed. Although the place will be full, you will hardly be recognised by anyone there, since casinos are always packed with thousands of people from different places, from around the world.